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And the work we do speaks for itself.

We guarantee to make sure every custom shirt order has great print quality
and stellar detail. It is always nice when our hard work speaks for us.

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water base screen print on purple shirt screen printed at spectrum apparel printing

Here we have a larger water base screen print on an American Apparel shirt.
Water base print = really soft feel and top quality screen print.

simulated process screen print printed at spectrum apparel printing

This is a simulated process print; we used multiple colors to get this print right. The custom screen print came out great, and the client loved them. It’s what we do here at Spectrum Apparel Printing San Jose, Ca.

California bear shirt screen printed on a black shirt by spectrum apparel printing

Another famous Cali bear print screen printed using pastisol ink. Simple yet very effective.

discharge screen print with skuls and plastisol ink

This was done on a black American Apparel shirt, using a muted discharge ink for skulls and plastisol ink for the top element of the art. It was a great looking screen print that went off the side of the shirt.

Bike party shirt and san jose bike party sweater both printed here at spectrum apparel printing

Yeah...We print the well known San Jose bike party shirts. We also pirnt East Bay and San Francisco bike shirts also. Bike life!

cool screen printed shirt at spectrum apparel printing

Very interesting screen print design on a burn our shirt. We used regular plastisl ink on this one.

Wrap around screen print on black shirt printed at spectrum apparel printing

Give credit where it is due. We printed this wrap around shirt with an awesome screen print that wraps around the shirt from the front to the side and then to the back. We make it happen at Spectrum Apparel Printing.

skull shirt screen print

Cool design on a black shirt. We have no idea what it means. Plastisol screen print, three hits of white ink to make it pop just right.

Marilyn Monroe shirt printed at spectrum apparel printing

Out T-shirt print shop would not be complete if we did not do a Marilyn Monroe shirt. This screen print used two layers of white, with halftone dots. It was a great hit with the client.

discharge screen print on an american apparel shirt

This is a pretty good example of a discharge screen print.

All Genius Material Cali made me shirt

Check out the All Genius Material shirt line. They have some good things going on. This shirt was a metalic gold screen print with a heat press used on the print afterwards. Really nice gold pirnt.

Basketball jersey screen print

This is a reversable jersey. It has a multi color screen pirnt on both sides of the garment.

waterbase screen pirnt on white shirt printed at spectrum apparel printing

Really nice pop to a waterbase pirnt on an Americn Apparel shirt. The read just really stands out and it is a soft screen print.

digital to direct print on white T- shirt

Did we tell you we also to digital to direct printing on shirt. The print works best on the light color garments.

digital to direct T-shirt print

Here is another digital to direct print. As you can see the colors really pop, and you can get a photo realistic pirnt with this printing process.

waterbase screen print using various colors

We really enjoyed sreen printing this shirt. It was a custom order that demanded a really soft feel. So we used all the colors in waterbase inks. The screen print came out really well.

shirt with multiple screen prints on it

Another screen cool screen print that wraps around part of the shirt.

black ink on black shirt screen print

If you have ever wondered what black ink looks like screen printed on a black shirt, then here you go. We had to put donw three passes of black ink. We choose not to use a gloss ink on top of the print.

all over screen print printed at spectrum apparel printing

This was a hard screen print. We used water base and dischage ink on this one. The screen prints go all over the shirts. Breaking the design up into multiple prints allowed us better control than a traditional all over print. The came out like a boss.

waterbase print screen printed over seams of a T-shirt

We printed this T-shirt for a MMA crew. We used an American Apparel shirt and water base ink, which worked well going over the seams of the T-shirt.

fine detailed screen print on a white T-shirt

We really love this screen print. The art on this is amazing. We used plastisol ink and broke the art up into four colos. We got the color mix on point the first time, and that made us happy screen printers.

cool screen print design

The design speaks for itself. Awesome screen print using neon ink. The neon ink really gave a good pop to this screen print.

How do we achieve great prints on our custom screen print orders? Years of experience, dedicated attitude, mastery of the art of screen printing, friendly customer service, great inks, and a top of the line shirt printing press. All of this and more helps us to achieve a high standard in screen printing quality on our client’s custom T-shirt orders. Below is an overview of some of the apparel printing techniques we do here at Spectrum Apparel Printing.

Plastisol Ink

plastisol ink screen printing custom shirt printing at spectrum apparel screen printingThis ink is the most commonly used ink in the industry. Plastisol ink sits on top of the fabric , giving the image a superior color saturation and durability. Plastisol has more of a vibrant, slightly glossy look. Unlike water base and discharge which takes on a slightly more matted look.

Waterbase Ink

watebase ink at spectrum apparel printing custom screen printingWater based screen printing is the way to achieve a soft print that feels like it is part of the fabric. This type of ink works well printing over seams and prints that go off the edges of the shirt. This ink is recommended on 100% cotton garments that are on the lighter side of the color spectrum such as light blue, light green, white, light grays, etc.

Discharge Ink

discharge ink at spectrum apparel custom apparel printing screen printing Discharge ink is water based ink with the addition of a special activator added into the ink, so as to remove the dye from the fabric. Discharge works best on natural fabrics such as 100% cotton. Discharge can be used on both light and dark garments, but is more specifically used for dark colored garments. The final result of the screen print is a really soft feel on the shirt. Many people consider this a superior print when compared to thicker plastic like screen prints that plastisol ink produces.

Foil Print

foil metalic screen print custom apparel printing We screen print your design using a plastisol ink adheisive, then we lay down a thin layer or foil. Then we heat press the foil causing it to adheres to the printed areas only. The result is a very, very shinny metallic print. There are a lot of colors and faux styles of foil we can use on your custom shirt order.

Jumbo Print

jumbo extra large format cutom screen printing at spectrum apparel printing san jose Yeah we can do extra large screen prints, our screen printing press is specially made to do both small prints and extra large prints if you need that design big give us a call/email and let us help you get that design set up to look good. Large screen prints can be done using water base/discharge ink, or plastisol ink, and foil.

Heat Press

heat press vinal transfer athletic print spectrum apparel printingHeat pressing your custom design is a good option when doing names, numbers or simple one or two color images on a small run of shirts (around 11 pieces or under). We use a high quality vinyl material for the printing process. This ensures a long lasting heat press print that is clean and has a nice robust look to it.

Names & Numbers

custom names and numbers for sprts teams and schools at spectrum apparel printingWe can also do custom names and numbers using our heat press. We are competitively priced and have fast turnaround times. Pricing per piece depends on how complex the design is, and the overall size the design. Call/email us for prices, turnaround times, colors, etc.

Tag Print

custom tag and label print custom screen printing spectrum apparel printing san joseNeed a tag print? We can screen print your logo or whatever else you may want inside the garment. Tag prints are nice because they give that extra ‘big time’ feel for clothing lines. They also allow your clients to find you by just looking in the shirt. Screen printed tag prints are limited to one color.
brand names for custom shirt printing screen printing spectrum apparel printing

Here are some of the folks we roll with.

astra clothing line

ASTRA is a Bay Area brand we’ve been working closely with throughout their growth as a high street label. Their designs are minimal, yet provocative making each piece tastefully expressive and versatile. Check out all the line has to offer at astra clothing or on Instagram @astraclothing.

effulgence clothing line

In sum, Effulgence is a reminder to never feel guilty of wanting more out of life and constantly striving to reach a new state of brilliance.